We Bring Bike Repair To You!

Groomauto is an online platform for bike servicing, repair, Insurance to ease your bike problems. Booking and order tracking system allow you to check the status of your service.

We are on a mission to make bike servicing Accessible, Available, and Affordable.

We are a platform through which you can book bike servicing at your nearby service center.

Groomauto website is useful for all the person who didn’t got the time for servicing or maintain vehicle due to busy business schedule, long working hours at workplace, compromising week off’s unavailability of servicing center at nearby place etc.

For all these hurdles this website is solution, can easily check the nearby service center, can avail pick up facility at doorstep, get bike servicing on time, drop on time, easy to make payment. Can check what servicing is going to be done through this website.

We help busy personalities like working professionals & Entrepreneurs to get their two wheelers serviced sitting at office, home or anywhere.

Bike will be taken to the nearest Groomauto tie up service center. We carefully check your vehicle, complete the service & deliver it back to the convenient place and predefined time.

Doorstep Service

Expert mechanics come over to where you are. Systematic planning and proactive communication allows our mechanics to be fully prepared when they show up to work on your bike.

Quality Assurance

We take pride in offering excellent quality service. We have genuine spares and trained mechanics who can solve any of the problems that your bike is facing. We also provide warranty on the work we do.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Every service includes a comprehensive measurement and audit against a some point checklist. You have access to historical reports of all your service visits and repairs.

Timely Reminders

Our predictive models indicate when your next service is due. We send reminders and notification so you can be proactive and get your bike serviced on time.

No Hidden Costs

Estimates and quotations are provided before every service. Our pricing is transparent and there are no hidden costs or surcharges.

Save Time

Sunday is personal and leisure time. The last thing you want on a weekend is a long wait in front of a garage!


Book online or call. Groomauto mechanics will come to your home or work.


We are equipped to handle everything from assemblies to tune-ups.


You will be able to ride your bike immediately after service!

“Take care of your bike in the garage, and the bike will take care of you on the road.”